About Research Resource
Research Resource was formed in 2004 by Lorna Shaw and Elaine MacKinnon to provide a high quality, economical and accessible research resource. With almost 20 years experience in delivering market research projects, our consultants have an established track record of providing first-class, incisive research which meets the needs of the client.

Quality Control
Research Resource is registered to the international quality standard ISO20252:2012 – Market, Opinion and social research. We are also MRS (Market Research Society) Company Partners, operating to the MRS Code of Conduct and members of the MRS Interviewer Identification Scheme.  By being an MRS Company Partner, organisations are committing to uphold industry standards and comply with self-regulation. MRS Company Partners endorse and support the core MRS brand values of professionalism, research excellence and business effectiveness, and commit to comply with the MRS Code of Conduct throughout their organisation.

We adhere to the SRA Ethical Guidelines and all work is undertaken in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), under which we are registered.

The objectives of Research Resource’s Quality Management System are to:

  • Maintain an effective quality assurance system that complies with the standards set by ISO20252:2012; and the Market Research Society.
  • Achieve and maintain a high quality service which enhances the Company’s reputation with its clients.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety standards.
  • Achieve 100% customer satisfaction in all areas of the company’s services.

These objectives are attained through the use of quality procedures that cover the key fields of project management, data collection and data analysis.

Statement of Applicability

Research Resource Scotland Ltd is a market, opinion and social research organisation based in South Lanarkshire. Our expertise lies in undertaking social and economic research projects.

Research Resource Scotland Ltd delivers research services to local authorities, housing associations and co-operatives, economic development agencies and other public sector partners throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Research Resource Scotland Ltd has elected to include sampling, fieldwork, self completion and data management and processing to be attested to this document in accordance with Annexes A,B,E and F. Research Resource Scotland Ltd has elected to exclude physical observation and digital observation from the attestation.

Details of Research Resource Scotland Ltd’s attested annexes are described as follows:

Annex A – Sampling including access panels x Research Resource carry out sampling for research projects.
Research Resource manages two access panels comprised of members who have consented to be members for the purpose of participating in market research data collection activities.
Annex B – Fieldwork x Research Resource offers data collection services using fieldwork methodologies. Fieldwork methodologies include face to face interviews and telephone interviews that do not consist of the respondent self completing a questionnaire.
Annex C – Physical observation x Research Resource does not provide this service.
Annex D – Digital observation x Research Resource does not provide this service.
Annex E – Self completion x Research Resource offers clients data collection services using self-completion methodologies including online questionnaires, email surveys and postal surveys.
Annex F – Data management and processing x Research Resource provides data management and processing services. The services provided are project-specific and encompass coding, provision of data tables and data analysis.