Research Resource can provide the full range of qualitative and quantitative research services.  We aim to provide services that consistently exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. Our consultants understand that research design is critical to the success of a project and, as such, will work in partnership with you to advise on and design the most appropriate methodology to meet your information needs and research objectives.

Our team have an established track record of providing high quality, incisive research which meets the needs of the Client.   Our in-house project management expertise means that you can be guaranteed that our projects will be delivered on time and on budget, to high quality standards, and in a way which reflects positively upon you, the Client.

Our research services include:

  • Questionnaire design – Critical to the success of many research projects we can advise on the design of an appropriate questionnaire.
  • Qualitative research – Experienced facilitators in focus groups, workshops and in depth interviews we can undertake topic guide design, facilitation and write up. Our Qualitative research services include:
    • In depth interviews
    • Focus group facilitation
  • Quantitative research – With a highly trained and experienced fieldforce and team of research administrators, we undertake all forms of quantitative survey research. Our quantitative research services include:
    • In street surveys
    • Door to door surveys
    • Telephone surveys
    • Postal surveys
    • Online surveys
  • Data entry and analysis – From data preparation, through processing and analysis with outputs provided in the form of tables or as raw data (SNAP, SPSS for Windows analysis files, Excel or ASCII database files).
  • Reporting – From production of standard charts and tables to preparation of complete project reports in paper and electronic forms.



We have a reputation for delivery of high quality fieldwork and analysis. Since its inception Research Resource has held firmly to the belief that the highest quality fieldwork and analysis is obtained by means of direct control over the process. As such, Research Resource undertakes all its own fieldwork, data preparation, processing and analysis in-house.


Field Force

Research Resource has a strong field force in Scotland, managed from Research Resource’s Glasgow office. This is complemented by a network of regional supervisors who provide us with access to interviewers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Telephone Research

All our telephone research is delivered from our in house telephone interviewing suite. This resource has been designed to provide a high quality, supervised telephone interviewing environment.

Interviewer Expertise

All surveys are carried out by Research Resource’s fully trained and experienced interviewers. All interviewers are trained to ISO 20252 (which incorporates MRQSA/ IQCS) standards and are regularly accompanied by their supervisor. All staff including interviewers and supervisors are personally briefed on the survey by the project manager and the fieldwork manager.